Pupils Select Their Favourite Apps Of The Year19-07-2017 | 08:40:36 | 14 Comments

At the end of term I asked pupils to choose their favorite app that they had played in my lessons.  Here are the winners…

First place went to Motion Math Pizza followed by Motion Math Zoom.

These next two came third and fourth  in your list of favourite apps.

I’m pleased to hear you loved these apps.

Mrs Watson


Y6 Record their farewell messages and share their favourite memories…12-07-2017 | 13:52:27 | 4 Comments

Pirates Of The Curry Bean12-07-2017 | 08:56:58 | 5 Comments

Our Y6 production of Pirates Of The Curry Bean has been amazing!   Meet the cast and crew here on our interactive presentation.  Click on the link below to see all the talented cast members.




Y1 publish eBooks about Summertime05-07-2017 | 08:32:21 | 2 Comments

Y1 pupils have created some eBooks all about Summertime. They used the BookCreator App to add video, text and drawings all about the Summer season.
Pupils then worked together to check their work and to edit any mistakes.
Well done to Y1 pupils on publishing your eBooks!
You can leave a comment for the pupils about their eBooks at the bottom of this post.

You can read and watch their eBooks by clicking on the books below.
Please remember our e-safety rules. Do not click on to watch any other videos on YouTube without first checking with your parents or another grown up.
Mrs Watson

Maths Shake App19-06-2017 | 10:47:12 | 3 Comments

Y2K were using the iPad app Maths Shake today. They had to read word based maths problems and then create the equation to solve the problem. They could then record how they calculated their answer.
Well done to Y2K

Don’t forget our e-safety rules. Do not click on to watch other videos on YouTube without asking a parent or other adult.
Mrs Watson

Watch 5N’s friendship video here!02-03-2017 | 16:28:04 | 9 Comments

A video showing the fun 5N and 5F had at Arethusa!
Celebrating what fantastic friendships they have!

World Book Day KS102-03-2017 | 10:20:38 | 2 Comments

Today is World Book Day. Pupils from Y1 used the app ChatterKids to make their book come to life! Y1 have been reading the book Pig The Pug by Aaron Blabey. Today they pretended they were Trevor and Pig from the book and they used to app to make the characters speak.

Watch their video below. Remember our e-safety rules. Do not click on to watch any other videos on YouTube without first checking with an adult.
Mrs Watson

Pupils from Y2 made audio recordings of themselves reading books from our library. Click on the play buttons below to hear the stories being read. We have made QR codes of these to stick into the books so the younger pupils can listen to the stories being read. Thank you Y2 for your wonderful reading.
Mrs Watson

World Book Day27-02-2017 | 12:17:47 | 2 Comments

Thursday 2nd March is World Book Day. Have a look at the book themed EdTech activities the pupils have been working on. Don’t forget to leave a comment.
Mrs Watson

Nursery pupils used the app Chatterkid to record themselves as The Gingerbread Man.

Year 3 pupils have been reading The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe. For World Book Day they used the apps Animal Face & ChatterKid to make themselves look like Aslan. Watch their videos below:

Today Year 5 pupils used the brilliant App Toontastic to re-tell a scene from a book they loved. See if you can guess what books their scenes are from. Look for the clues in the characters and settings they have chosen and the narrative they retold.

Reception pupils have created an ebook version of the picture book Stanley’s Stick. They used the MyStory App to draw, record and write what they would pretend their stick was. You can see more of their e books on the Reception Blog page.

Some pupils from Y6 recorded book reviews using the app TeleStory. If you want to read any of the books they reviewed they are available in our KS2 library.

Don’t forget our e-safety rules. When you have watched our videos do not click on to watch any other videos on YouTube without first asking permission from an adult.

What type of sentence am I? S,E,C or Q?24-01-2017 | 21:11:40 | 4 Comments

Today, Mrs Tobin’s pupils were looking at the 4 different types of sentences.
S Statement
E Exclamation!
C Command
Q Question?

Pupils were asked to look at examples of the 4 different sentences from the book they are currently reading (The Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe) to see if they could correctly name them. Some of the pupils used the iPad app ChatterKid to make Lucy and Mr Tumnus come to life and speak the sentence types!(That last sentence I typed was an exclamation as I was showing surprise and amazement at what they did. Plus, there was an exclamation mark at the end which is always a good clue!). The pupils then typed the sentence that character had spoken. They then had to mark the image with either a S,E,C or Q to show if it was a statement, exclamation, command or question.

Watch their videos below and see if they got the sentence types correct. (That sentence is a command as I used the imperative verb ‘watch’ at the start). Leave a comment on their videos underneath this post telling us what type of sentence it is.

Well done to Archie, Ava, Jadan.
Please remember our e-safety rules. Do not click on to watch any other videos on youtube without first asking a parent.
Mrs Watson

Join Our iLibrary20-01-2017 | 09:19:35 | 1 Comment

In addition to the wonderful selection of books, your school library now also includes iLibrary materials. You can read ebooks in the iLibrary on an iPad, create your own books and comics using iPad apps, and film your own book review.
Louie and Sky have used the Telestory App to film a book review. Watch their reviews here. If their reviews have persuaded you to read the books you can find copies of them in the library to borrow. Please leave a comment on their reviews below this post.

Book Review: Louie from St Thomas A Becket on Vimeo.

Book Review: Sky from St Thomas A Becket on Vimeo.

Thank you to Louie and Sky for creating these book reviews. If you would like to film your own book review then come along to the library on Tuesday lunchtimes between 12.15-12.45.

Mrs Watson

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