Volcano Poems & Performances From Year 3 (they are EXPLOSIVE!!)🌋🌋🌋07-02-2018 | 14:41:39 | 13 Comments

Y3 pupils have been writing poems about volcanoes. 🌋🌋🌋. They performed their poems this week. Take a look and listen to their wonderful poems, full of imagination and expressive language.
Well done to Y3.
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Mrs Watson

13 Responses to “Volcano Poems & Performances From Year 3 (they are EXPLOSIVE!!)🌋🌋🌋”

  1. i like there preformensices it was really good and wonderful

  2. all of them worked really hard

  3. I also love they actions that they did. 😀

  4. I like my class videos

  5. Hi ,my name is May and I am Mrs Watson’ s daughter. I am in year three but in a different school. I have been learning about volcanoes as well. I have seen your poems they are lovely.

  6. Hello Y3M. It’s Mrs Watson here. I have been showing your amazing poems to my two children this evening. They really enjoyed watching your video performances of the poems. They were very impressed with them!
    It was so lovely to see you really enjoying reading them out and performing them so well. Your actions and props made them really come alive. We felt like we really knew what it was like to be a volcano .
    Mrs Watson

  7. Love your videos WOW they are awesome!

  8. It’s was really good they all worked really hard to put there work on the blogg

  9. it’s so good

  10. Loving the performances. The’re GREAT .

  11. All of the year 3 are really good,keep up with the hard work and enjoy the last couple of months in it.WELL DONE!

  12. Amazing poems year 3. Extremely good

  13. Well done Y3. Great performances

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