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Tuesday 6th February is Safer Internet Day. The theme this year is “Create, Connect and Share Respect”. Our school has registered as a supporter of Safer Internet Day.

I’d like us to share with others how we ‘Share Respect’ through our school ‘Shine Online’ campaign. I’m asking ALL pupils in our school to leave a positive comment on our school blog to show that you can ‘Share Respect’ to others. To leave a comment on our school blog click on the Comments section at the end of the post you want to comment on. Or you can come and find me in the school KS2 library on Monday or Tuesday lunchtimes and I can help to show you.
Mrs Watson

18 Responses to “Safer Internet Day”

  1. we
    enjoy your videos this inspires us to report when we see bad comments

  2. we also like your videos because they very ethusiastic and positive

  3. We like your enthusiastic videos because they really inspire us to be safer on the internet

  4. Taddeus 3m Ayo 3m
    I liked the video because it gave me inspiration on
    being safe online and what I should do if I don’t
    feel safe about something that is unitsepterble

  5. Chisom YR 3M ,Aurora YR 3M

    We liked the video because it inspires other people on the internet to be more safe on the internet

  6. Libby 3M
    I loved the video because it tells me how to be safe on the internet and it also tells other people too.

  7. Dhanyal and Amy February 6 th 2018
    Thank you for The safety Internet day I love it

  8. Ayo 3m Taddeus 3m
    I was really inspired with your videos and I loved them so much and it is because of all of the safety that is on the school blog.

  9. I like this video and it teaches all of us that we should be safe when we are on the Internet. Thank you for all the work we have done on Safer Internet Day and now I will also be able to tell everyone else about the information I know.

  10. To be safe on the internet
    we know that we shouldn’t play games for a long time or give anyone your private information.
    If there is something wrong tell a grown up.

  11. the video inspired me to always report when someone write bat comments

  12. I like the video and I know how to be safe online and when something bad happens I should tell an adult 🙂


  14. I enjoyed the video and I think this video has a wonderful message. I think it is vital that we as Year 6 have to set a good examples to our younger children by reacting in the right way when you are faced with mean messages.

  15. This video really inspired me, now I know how to keep safe online .

  16. remember to keep safe ONLINE!!.

  17. Safer Internet Day is a day to be safe. We can all be safe online by:
    Not talking to people who you do not necessarily know.
    Playing safely and carefully.

  18. This video showed me the cause of safer internet day and why it is important.

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