Y6 Are Athletics Champions!22-01-2018 | 12:50:20 | 6 Comments

Congratulations to Y6 on their Athletics victory.
In celebration, Sky made an animation on Scratch!
Click on the link below to see her animation.

Click Here

6 Responses to “Y6 Are Athletics Champions!”

  1. Yay! We won athletics yet again for another year in a row. I am delighted to be part of the athletics team and a big congratulations to the other schools that got as far as they did. Thank you to all the teachers who came with us,thank for all your help encouragement all the way.

  2. A wonderful Scratch project Sky.

  3. Good gob doinng this

  4. Congratulations Year 5 & 6 yet again!

  5. Thank you Chantel. I’m delighted to be apart of the athletic compitition also thanks for ur encouragement teacher s.

  6. very good job

    🙂 😀

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