Y6 Graduation Video14-09-2017 | 19:55:30 | 15 Comments

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  1. I will miss u

  2. I really liked the graduation video and it was really sad that they were going into year seven and I wish them good luck

  3. This brings back fantastic memories. What a fun day we had filming this.

  4. Good luck year 6 lyann and Jayden.

  5. Good work year 6. Hope you had fun, hope we see you again. From Donnell and Lewis.

  6. Good dance

  7. Savannah and Uchechukwu . We liked the video and we wish them good luck.

  8. Congrats!Year6 I hope your new schools are loving and caring just like you were to us. Good Luck!!!!!

  9. We better do this when we graduate. It looks like so much fun, I’ll be angry if we don’t!

  10. I thought wait what that’s really Mrs. Greally’s office! Daniel put his feet n Mrs Greally’s desk. Anyway I wish Year 7 now good luck and lots of fun in their new school.

  11. I really enjoyed the video. they kept dancing and doing handstands all the time. Good luck in year 7. I agree with Chrystal. I hope we do this. Also, the were dancing to rolex. Is the song that old?

  12. I liked the it because it was nice to see them one more time

  13. That was the best ,bre

  14. So cool

  15. hope they enjoy year 7 I wish them good luck

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