Safer Internet Day: Tuesday 5th February 201917-01-2019 | 09:16:21 | No Comments

Safer Internet Day aims to inspire a national conversation about using technology responsibly, respectfully, critically and creatively. It is a global campaign celebrated in over 140 countries around the world.

In the UK, Safer Internet Day is coordinated by the UK Safer Internet Centre and the celebration sees hundreds of organisations get involved every year since 2011 to help promote a safer and a better internet for all.

Here is the campaign film for Safer Internet Day 2019 which sums up clearly what the day is all about.

This interactive video allows you to explore a house and think about how we use and share our personal information. Use your mouse to hover over the objects and learn more.

SID TV 2019: Data Detective – play-through from UK Safer Internet Centre on Vimeo.

What does it mean to give permission and what do I need to ask permission to do online? Watch this video to hear the thoughts of children on this topic.

Coding Club Christmas Greetings!01-10-2018 | 11:46:02 | 7 Comments

Coding Club is an activity that takes place during lunchtime. We use the website scratch to code different games and animations. This has a huge impact on our computing as we learn the basics of how computers work.

Here are the Y6 Christmas Cards that they created in Code Club:

This is by Samira & Victoria:

This one is by Shilo, Tori & AJ:

This is the card Elizabeth made:

Here are the Year 4 code club Christmas Cards:

Mrs Watson is going to be uploading our animations when we finish them, so keep checking for them.

Hello- We are the Y4 coders.

We are Ada and Chisom and we worked together using Scratch to make a Halloween animation. We made it by choosing a background that looked scary. Then we chose our bat and made it move by using the motion buttons and giving it commands telling it where to go. We also make sounds using the sound buttons in the commands. To get it to start you need to press on the green flag. We hope you enjoy the animation. Happy Halloween!!
Ada & Chisom

In the past week we have been making a Halloween themed animation. We experimented with ways that it would work and tried to improve it by making a bat spin .Keep checking back on this post because each week we are going to improve our animation .by Victoria and Samira!
Here is our animation so far!

This spooky animation was created by AJ!!

Nancy and Francesca made this spooky animation with scary sound effects!!!!

We are Libby and Ayo and we made this animation using Scratch. We made it together by following the steps on the sheet that showed you which buttons to choose to get the characters to move and make sounds. We made some changes like adding an extra sound to make it sound even move spooky. You make the sounds by pressing the purple sounds buttons which gives you lots of sounds to choose from.

Inspiring Artwork From KS203-07-2018 | 13:09:02 | 3 Comments

The KS2 pupils held their Art Exhibition this afternoon. Here are some examples of the amazing pieces of artwork our talented KS2 pupils created. Please leave a comment for our artists who created the artworks by clicking on the ‘comments’ link.

Well done KS2
Mrs Watson

Attention Creative KS2 Pupils – It’s Competition Time!23-05-2018 | 10:56:11 | 1 Comment

Our KS2 children have been invited by Westfield Shopping Centre to enter a series of creative competitions to win prizes such as medals, trophies and cash!

They are looking for creative and talented pupils to design gift card wallets. Here is what you have to do:

Design a ‘Thank You Teacher’ wallet design: Design Deadline 27th May

To enter this competition all you need to do is create a design to feature on the Westfield Gift Card wallet. They would like you to design something that teachers would love to receive with a gift card as their end of year Thank You present. The winning design would be made into 1000ds of real wallets to use with gift cards sold at Westfield. The winning design would also be shown on their website and screened on large screens in all their shopping centres.

What Should My Wallet Look Like?
You can use any artist’s tools, such as crayons, felt tips, pens, paints or even a computer. As long as it is creative, your own work and within the template provided then you can do as you like! Think about how you would like to say Thank You to your teacher. The design must include the words- Thank You Teacher.

These are previous winning designs

Your teacher will have given you the blank templates on which to draw your design. Make sure you don’t go over the lines. You can ask for more blank templates if you make a mistake and need to re-draw them. Bring your completed templates into school by the deadline date.

Create a ‘Birthday’ wallet design: Deadline 20th July
The same rules apply for this design. You must however include the words Happy Birthday in your design.

Design a ‘Christmas’ wallet design: Deadline 19th October
The same rules apply for this design.

You can find out more information about the competition and download more templates here: Design Competition

Feel free to write your comments on this post to suggest some ideas for designs.
Good Luck!

Let’s Share A Prayer23-04-2018 | 11:54:05 | 1 Comment

Would you like to share a prayer with our school community? Is there a person or situation that you would like to pray for? Or would you like to give thanks to God for something?
Use the ThingLink App on our school iPads to record your prayer to share.
Many thanks to the pupils who have shared their prayers.
Mrs Watson

World Book Day26-03-2018 | 11:40:42 | 6 Comments

We had a fantastic day last Wednesday for our World Book Day celebrations.
Some pupils from Y4 & Y3 created their own e books starring themselves as their favourite book characters! You can read their e books here. Can you guess which characters they are and from which books? If you can figure out who they are can you please tell us by writing a comment after the post.
The pupils used the app Book Creator to make these e books.
Well done to all the authors of the books!

Mrs Watson

Volcano Poems & Performances From Year 3 (they are EXPLOSIVE!!)🌋🌋🌋07-02-2018 | 14:41:39 | 13 Comments

Y3 pupils have been writing poems about volcanoes. 🌋🌋🌋. They performed their poems this week. Take a look and listen to their wonderful poems, full of imagination and expressive language.
Well done to Y3.
Please leave a comment for them after the post.
Remember our e-safety rules. Don’t click on to watch other videos on YouTube without asking your parents first.
Mrs Watson

Ms Smith’s Results31-01-2018 | 12:23:47 | 23 Comments

Pupils can leave their comments about the Spring/Summer football tournament at the bottom of this post in the comments section.

Safer Internet Day23-01-2018 | 14:29:46 | 18 Comments

Tuesday 6th February is Safer Internet Day. The theme this year is “Create, Connect and Share Respect”. Our school has registered as a supporter of Safer Internet Day.

I’d like us to share with others how we ‘Share Respect’ through our school ‘Shine Online’ campaign. I’m asking ALL pupils in our school to leave a positive comment on our school blog to show that you can ‘Share Respect’ to others. To leave a comment on our school blog click on the Comments section at the end of the post you want to comment on. Or you can come and find me in the school KS2 library on Monday or Tuesday lunchtimes and I can help to show you.
Mrs Watson

Y6 Are Athletics Champions!22-01-2018 | 12:50:20 | 6 Comments

Congratulations to Y6 on their Athletics victory.
In celebration, Sky made an animation on Scratch!
Click on the link below to see her animation.

Click Here

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